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License Learner Web

The Learner Web platform is freely distributed under an open source license. Most Learning Plans (goal-directed content) are freely available under Creative Commons licenses. An organization can utilize the Learner Web in several ways:

1) License one or more Learner Web Regions (portals) from Portland State University (PSU) or another hosting organization. PSU licenses provide hosting, training and technical support services. License fees depend on the number of portals hosted, the number of concurrent users and the amount of customized training. Complete the online form to intitiate the licensing process.

2) Negotiate use of new or existing Learner Web Regions (portals) licensed by another organization. A PSU license allows an organization to operate its own Region(s) as part of an existing license provided that the existing licensee agrees and the two organizations work closely together to provide services to similar populations. Additional fees may apply for the additional Regions, concurrent users or customized training involved.

3) Acquire a free open source license to the platform software and host its own implementation for non-commercial purposes. Note that considerable time and technical expertise is required to set up and implement Learner Web in this way.